Call for contribution: YourViet ebooks Repository

SBI Training Solutions Global Network is growing and we wish to extend our invitation to the Vietnamese community of e-learning a collection of books on Vietnam and about Vietnam.

The Yourviet eBooks Repository allows SBI teachers and researchers to benefit from the research of our Vietnamese scholars and authors. This repository is created for registered authors affiliated to our training or research programmes. Books and articles are for sale on the internet under our brand name

Terms of collaboration for authors who wish to publish their work on our repository:

Authors must grant a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to distribute or certify that the work is available under another license that conveys these rights. You can start by registering to our Pool of Vietnam Experts under this link before you proceed to submit your books on the repository. Follow this link to register your books or articles.

Instructions for submission

To allow an efficient management of the digital process, please make sure you follow the instructions below:

  • Submissions should be topical and referrable scientific contributions that follow accepted standards of scholarly communication.
  • All submissions are subject to a moderation process that verifies material is appropriate and topical. Material that contains offensive language, non-scientific content, or is plagiarised are not accepted.

Format and file extensions

  • Our goal is to store articles in formats that are highly portable and stable over time. Currently, the best choice is PDF / EPUB
  • File names shall only have the following characters (a-z A-Z 0-9 _ + – . , =)
  • File names that contain characters such as spaces, question marks, asterisks) will be rejected. These restrictions are to ensure maximum portability of the stored files and minimise archival risk.
  • Whether your local system is case sensitive (e.g., Unix) or not (e.g., Windows) you must ensure that internal file references, such as LaTeX figure inclusion commands, match case exactly.

Inclusion of ancillary files

There are limited facilities for including data sets and ancillary files (data, programs, etc.) that are associated with articles submitted to our repository. Our webmaster will give more instructions about including data sets and ancillary files upon request.

Title and abstract preparation

See separate instructions for preparing the title and abstract for inclusion in metadata. This information is used on the abstract pages, in announcements, in RSS feeds, and to support search engines.

Edit or replace your submission

We encourage authors to update and to make corrections to their articles. DO NOT make a new submission for a corrected article or for an erratum. Instead, replace the original submission.

Before you make the final “Submit Article” step in the submission process, be sure to carefully check the title and abstract (metadata) and the processed files, and correct any errors. Contact administrators for help.

Availability of submissions

For more information see our public submission availability page on

Register Books

For more information on SBI Training Solutions services, consult the following rubrics on our main website:

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Have a good day,

Dr Anita H.

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