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The Page FORUM FOR CREATIVITY was set up for all who wish to share your little world to our SBI Community on your journey to discover the WIDE WILD WORLD out there.

You may add your blog address, topics you like to share, your proposal for improving our communication, job-related issues, recommended books, or request for information to the forum.

Here are some recommendations to start with:



Here are some more tips to boost up your confidence and use English as a tool for your creative expressions.

  1. For those who wish to improve your report writing skills, try this Blog for some tips on non-fiction writing.
  2. First, learn from the 108 World Best English-speaking Authors available in Vietnamese.
  3. Improve your general knowledge on various topics and sharpen your listening skills. By listening to what other people have to say, you learn along the line how to share with others your own thoughts and ideas.  For me the most affordable way is to go through the Learn with Youtube series which I had prepared for you. For example, to understand the state of the world and understand the gap between the rich and the poor in rich countries, and how this situation impacts poorer countries, you can start by understanding about the Financial Crisis and Global Financial Meltdown. Learning with Youtube Series on Financial Meltdown, listen to what Experts talk about how the world is experiencing the financial disaster we are living in today.
  4. Build up your vocabulary with the series “One-Definition-a-Day” in International Relations, Philosophy, Buddhism, Management, Literature, History, Law, etc. Click here to try it out –
  5. Try out John Green ‘s Crash Course series on many useful topics, from history to economics, philosophy to basics presented in a highly professional and yet very easy to understand. See over 1500 FREE videos on YouTube , viewed by more than 500,000,000 viewers.


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59 thoughts on “Forum for Creativity

  1. Recommended Learn-with-Youtube: Islam & Democracy” by Anwar Ibrahim at Stanford University on November 20, 2014
    Anwar Ibrahim – Islam and Democracy: Malaysia in Comparative Perspective. Read the full text of his speech by visiting the following link:-

    NOTE: Published on Nov 21, 2014
    Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader of Malaysia, speaks on Islam and democracy at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) in conversation with Stanford professors Larry Diamond, Donald Emmerson and Francis Fukuyama.

    1. Hi Phuong Hoang, Thank you for your message. I feel great to see such a motivated student. I am compiling now the stats to allocate attendance Bonus to students. You are among the top ones of the list. Congrats. Prof Anh Tho Andres

  2. BSTO, Learning the Smart Way_Translate by Phuong Hoang #MENG-472. Yeah, this is my translation at week 5. Thanks for your spending time to read my post.
    Thank you for your encouragement Prof Anh Tho Andres. “I have to do me some violence to myself” to finish this exercise. There is a huge amount of knowledge awaiting me ahead 🙂

  3. BSTO, Learning the Smart Way_Translate by Phuong Hoang #MENG-472. Yeah, this is my translation at week 6. Thanks for your spending time to read my post.
    Thank you Prof Anh Tho Andres who have shared with us precious knowledge. It seems our mind is removed dust through each article.
    Try to swallow all of them as soon as you can, guys!

  4. BSTO, Pourquoi écrire_Translate by Phuong Hoang #MENG-472. Yeah, this is my translation at week 8. Thanks for your spending time to read my post.

    Each day let’s water your thought with fresh liquid.
    1 week has passed, a new week comes. Just spend your time for useful things and do good ones at each moment. Have a nice new week!

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