Newsletter: VNTU International / Agape Foundation

Dear Friends of Vietnam and Supporters @VNTU.International,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Publishing and Research Partners

This letter serves as OUR FIRST NEWSLETTER of YEAR 2021, with warm greetings of the Board of VNTU International

It is almost 30 days since we officially launched the partnership that sealed our Vietnamese Community of VNTU International with AGAPE Foundation, with registered office in the same location in Geneva. 

We are now pleased to announce the composition of our Committee at VNTU International, with Michelle Duong as President, Dr Khan Hoang as Treasurer, Dr Christoph Stückelberger as Honorary Member and Expert Advisor in Global Applied Ethics, and myself Dr Anh Tho Andres Kammler as Secretary General.

VNTU International stands for “Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers’ Unions” and reunites all teachers in the World who cares about the good development of the teaching professions, and support our efforts to help Vietnamese Teaching Professionals develop and maintain high standards and ethics applied in higher education.  

VNTU International supports 3 training programmes though its affiliates and partner institutions, that include Vietnam Hoc Institute of Teaching and Research in Geneva (VHI Geneva), Agape Foundation (GAF), SBI-Training Global Network of Vietnam Experts (Yourvietnam Expert), and SBI Training Solutions, as well as other implementing partner institutions, who are institutional members of VNTU International. The main beneficiaries of the training are the Vietnamese Teachers’ Unions worldwide.

  1. Capacity Building in Ethics Education for Vietnamese Teaching Professionals
  2. Certification Pathways in Vietnamese Studies at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Levels
  3. Skills building  for Balanced and Inclusive Education for our Global Network of Teachers Unions and their members.

As of March 1st, 2021, we are now seeking to consolidate our partnership model and are extending our invitation to you all to join as affiliate or supporting member to help us grow the Global community of teaching professionals to support the Vietnamese communities worldwide through VNTU International.

Institution’s registration (for VNTU Affiliates and Members)

Our Members Space is now open for contribution in terms of articles, edu-news, proposal for collaboration. Kindly sign up on the forum pages as contributors with your proposals.

Members Space reserved for VNTU members

For more information on our training programmes, please visit our page and register under the categories that you wish to be classified as.  

Please note that you can be both a student if you register for a course, and a teacher if you register your expertise to teach. 

So far, we have appointed 25 teachers according to your registration and a course schedule planning is being put in place together with our implementing partners and The list of faculty is available only to implementing partners to consult.

Training programmes page description

Teacher’s registration (as SBI-Training Expert and Member of VNTU)

Student’s registration (as VNTU members and students)

As an institutional member, you are invited to join as our project partner in teaching, research, publications, and benefit from available grants or commercial benefits through our marketing efforts.

Please note that we are now working on FOUR identified projects with our partners.

1) Mekong Capacity Building Project for Vietnam. Implementing partner: Nha Nau Community

2) Vietnam Hoc Studies. Implementing partner: VHI Geneva and partner institutions.

3) Index on Human Security Research Project. Implementing partner: Asian Dialogue Society.

4) Online e-bookstore YOURVIETBOOKS.COM promoting books on Vietnam and about Vietnam. Implementing partner: Team of Experts.

All Experts Members are welcome to apply to be part of these projects through our Calls for Proposals displayed on SBI Jobboard page.

VNTU International next AGM is set at 8 May 2021. All registered members at that date will be invited to this important event.

Best regards,

Dr Anh Tho Andres-Kammler,
Secretary General

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